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biggimpin's Journal

2mex, 80's in general, 80's movies, a clockwork orange, alphanumeric, alpine, andrew dice clay, annoyance, apathy, arguments, arizona iced tea, atmosphere, audacity, basketball, beer, benevolence, black star, booty, brunettes, bud light, cali sunshine, camel turkish gold, chasing amy, chris rock, cigarettes, clerks, common, corona, dc boots, dcshoeco, del taco, del the funkee homosapien, dick and fart jokes, dj babu, dj premier, dome, dos equis, droors, dunkaroos, dvds, e-bay, eliza dushku, epmd, femme fatales, fish sticks, flow, forum snowboards, freestyle, from dusk till dawn, fucknut, gang starr, glassjaw, guns n roses, gus jr.'s, habitat, hibernation, hieroglyphics, i-path, i-paths, integrity, intellectuality, intelligence, jason lee, jay and silent bob, jibber jabber, jimmy dean biscuits, joey lauren adams, kevin smith, keystone, king cobra, lean pockets, lg 510, lifted research group, lindsay mckeon, lrg, malevolence, mallrats, method man, microwave burritos, mobb deep, moka only, mos def, mystic, nag champa, nba 2k2, necro, neudies, new york stylistics, norcal, nyc lifestyle, old osiris shit, old skool, originality, outcasts, outkast, peaches, people under the stairs, phlegm, porn, rawkus records, redman, road trips, rodney mullen, rum and coke, rushmore, sade, sadistic ventures, san jo muthafucka, san jose, sarcasm, schoolgirl outfits, sewage-feeding rats, skateboarding, slacking slackers, slam poetry, slug, smokes, snowboarding, soft tacos, sony trv-520, southernplayalisticcadillacmusik, superfly, swollen members, talking master p doll, the bay, the deftones, the killer crossover, the outsiders, the royal tennenbaums, the whole rhymesayers crew, thursday, uc riverside, ucr, underground hip hop, usher, video producing, vodka, vulgarity, wes anderson, west coast, wu-tang, your mother trick!!, zoo york